Green Paws

It’s official, I am in the stages of baking sample products of my green paw dog treats & going out to businesses trying to get our dog treats in for retail sale! While I’m grinding away here some cute photos of our pooches enjoying Green Paw treats . ❤️


Label Reveal

Today we ordered all our packaging labels for our Watermelon Pup Pops & we are so excited to give you a sneak peek at what we have been up to! The packaging labels are super fun & colorful just like my dog’s personality. Now, the packaging itself is biodegradable. We believe in leaving a carbon footprint in our daily life, so of course it would reflect in our packaging as well.

Pretty soon your dog will be able to kick up it’s paws and cool off with our Watermelon Pup Pops!

Front Side

Back Side

News Paws

🐾 We are so excited to Announce we have completed all our testing & have acquired all the necessary licenses and now are able to sell our Pup Pops in stores!

What’s next? We are currently working on our design on what visually will be on our packaging. We our filing to get our name Patio Pups Trade marked. We are also filling out applications for stores so they can sell our products. Things are coming along and hopefully you’ll be able to purchase Patio Pups POP Pups soon enough.