Personality Decoder

If you see two cats…

Much like a cat, funnily enough, you are likely to be a very independent person. You’re pretty happy spending time on your own, but you also love surrounding yourself with a few carefully chosen confidantes.

You take your work very seriously, and can sometimes be seen as a bit of a workaholic by the people around you. They may interpret your dedication to the task at hand as you being stubborn. But frankly, as far as you’re concerned, that’s up to them! You don’t worry too much about what others think of you.

If you saw two cats, then you like to flex your intellectual muscles whenever you get the opportunity. You are bookish and reflective, but you also have a fantastically creative side.

“Cat people” are witty and sharp, and while gloriously affectionate are best left alone if you get on their bad side!

If you see a dog…

If your eyes went straight to the image of a pooch in this picture, then the likelihood is that you are a very social person with extrovert tendencies. You feel at your best in the company of your wide circle of friends, and many would describe you as the life of the party.

Being the center of attention doesn’t scare you one bit, but you are also humble, down-to-earth, and very capable of sensitive conversation. Your friends trust you; they value your loyalty and your opinions.

“Dog people” are fun-loving folk. You want to have them around. So, chances are, if you saw a dog in this picture, then you are a popular sort. Your friendly, positive attitude is highly valued by the people around you.

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Foreign Pup

Can’t afford getting a painting of your dog? They can get a little pricey. Get creative you guys!! How about translating your dog’s name in a different language and painting it. When your finished frame it and hang it up. My painting is in Korean and I hung it up over my dog’s elevated dog feeders where she eats. It makes her eating area look so nice and posh.

Pup Project

Want to do something fun with your dog that you can cherish & keep forever? Add a meaningful loving touch to your home decor with Doggie Paw Prints on a canvas! Just buy washable paint and a blank canvas at your nearest craft store. Pick one color or five. Create dog art & let your dog be creative! After my dog finished her painting I started calling her my cotton candy Picasso as a nickname.