Pet Finds

We all love TJMaxx. I can’t think of anyone who doesn’t. Yesterday I spotted these small Dog/Cats beds for sale for $70.00. I officially started my Christmas List for my pup after seeing this. She has to have it!

Delivery Day

It’s a very exciting day for Patio Pups! We made our very first delivery today! It’s official we are in Smooches and Pooches Which means ….you can go in today & pick up a box of our Green Paw Treats! Your dog will thank you. Green Paw Treats are not just any old dog treats you find at your grocery store. These dog treats are a tasty soft baked good with a nutritional boost. Any dog who has tasted these has given me their paw of approval🐾

New Location

Does your dog need a good grooming? Pooches & Smooches located on 1001 Starling Drive, Henrico VA 23229 has a wonderful lavish extensive menu. They will also be carrying Patio Pups Green Paws dog treats. Book an appointment & pick up some of our dog treats. They are more than just treats they are a great nutrition booster.

Green Paws

Coming up with your own recipes to bake that are healthy, fresh, delicious, no gluten, no added sugars or always so much FUN. Being creative and original brings out your best! Sometimes they don’t come out perfectly on the first try though. I Baked, baked and baked this recipe in the making on and off for a year until I finally found our perfect recipe to save and write down. I’m excited to say our baked goods will be ready to sell to stores and available for purchase for you this coming fall! Now we will have pup pups and baked goods for your precious pups! 🐾🐶❤️